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Timber Frame – the cost effective solution

When it comes to cost, comparing timber frame to any other method of construction is incredibly challenging – it’s like comparing apples with pears.

Timber frame as a cost solution is not about metres of timber and number of panels – it’s about the early engagement of a member of the UKTFA who can guide you through the cost efficiencies of designing in timber.

By working with an expert partner they will be able to design a scheme that minimises your time on site, maximises the value in your land and keep waste to an absolute minimum with factory precise, engineered solutions.

That’s why timber frame is the fastest growing method of construction in the UK and why hotel chains, student accommodation providers and RSLs have embraced timber frame as the first choice construction method – they can’t afford to miss deadlines.

To find out more about how you can achieve higher Code levels in housing compared to building in masonry, read our report, produced in association with Wood for Good.


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