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Fabric First

Fabric First sums up timber frame construction and has been part of our language since the UKTFA was born ten years ago.  If you want ‘sustainable’ to equal  ‘attainable’, our Fabric First campaign makes the point that a thermally efficient, airtight timber frame structure is the best place to start.

What is Fabric First?

Fabric First highlights the benefits of using timber frame as the core fabric of a building to achieve higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Timber frame is a cost effective, thermally efficient and readily available way of reducing the reliance on expensive micro generation.

UKTFA launches Fabric First Website

The UK Timber Frame Association (UKTFA) has launched www.fabricfirst.co.uk a new website designed to promote the benefits of timber as the preferred construction method.

The website, unveiled as part of the UKTFA’s Fabric First campaign launch, highlights the importance of using timber frame as the core fabric in a building to deliver a host of key benefits including sustainability, high thermal performance and cost efficiency.
Self-builders, architects, builders and developers can now visit the portal to discover why timber is the ideal choice for achieving levels 3-6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, making it easy to achieve a high performance building fabric, whilst delivering real cost efficiencies.

Simon Orrells, chairman of the UKTFA says: “Timber has an unprecedented number of sustainable credentials which can’t be ignored, especially in light of the forthcoming changes to Part L of the Building Regulations which stipulate that new buildings achieve a 25% improvement in energy efficiency needed to reach Code 3.”

“The purpose of the Fabric First campaign is to ensure that our core messages reach as many people as possible and the new website enables us to speak to an even wider audience.”

For more information on Fabric First visit www.fabricfirst.co.uk

Or click here to download the Fabric First Advert Document

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