Commenting on the government’s latest attempt to stimulate some demand in the construction sector, UKTFA Chief Executive, Andrew Carpenter believes that on the face of it, the initiative will have little impact on the timber frame sector, unless the desire to decarbonise construction continues, he explains, “Any move to help kick start the housing sector has to be applauded, however in our view, the apparent lack of appetite from the government to place sustainable construction back at the centre of its policies is resulting in a missed opportunity. The new economy was to be based on investment in green technologies, but there is little evidence of government policies rewarding those industries who have made that leap and invested in the future. In difficult times, many of our members have done just that and developed evolved systems, adding value and achieving incredible levels of thermal performance.

“Our industry’s fabric first approach still resonates and will be on the top of our agenda when we meet Derek Mackay MSP, Minister for Local Government and Planning, in a meeting designed to explore opportunities to kick-start housing in Scotland. We all know the benefits of timber frame construction, but a point often missed is for many renewable technologies to work, the fabric has to perform to the highest standards of thermal performance and reduction of air leakage. Modern timber frame delivers this, easily, efficiently and economically.”