Erection Checklist

Some points to help you produce a good durable Timber Frame construction.

Stack materials properly on site.
Follow necessary scaffolding procedures.
Erect panels, plumb and square with tight joints.
Fix all nails as per nailing schedule.
Protect frame from moisture.  Fix breather membrane in factory and roof underlay as soon as frame erected.
Ensure dpc’s are correctly installed.
Install cavity barriers in correct position horizontally, vertically and in party walls and floors.
Install fire stops at party walls and floors.
Fix support for water tank in correct position as shown on drawings.
Make sure thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire installation are fitted in correct position.
Fix vapour control layers on warm side of insulation on all external surfaces and make sure no damage occurs.  (Polythene and vapour control plasterboards are acceptable)
Make sure roof space is adequately ventilated in accordance with building regulations.
Fix plasterboard securely as per manufacturer’s instructions and make sure all joints are properly filled and level.
Make sure all suspended floors are securely screwed and glued down. 
Ensure walls ties are fixed to studs, not to sheathing.
Ensure necessary holding down straps are in position


Try to erect without drawings
Notch or drill without advice
Alter or interfere with manufactured components without advice.
Leave small items on site.  Lock them up, or better still, fix them.
Forget to fix bracing or noggins.  Roof bracing and truss clips must be installed per detail.
Forget to fix rainwater goods as early as possible.  It helps to keep things dry.
Fill cavities with mortar or forget to allow ventilation.
Cut or alter roof trusses without advice from engineer or manufacturer.
Fit insulation in such a way that it can slip during the life of the building.
Tear or leave holes at service points in vapour control layer.
Tear or leave damage at breather membrane.
Push insulation out too far as to block airflow to roof space.
Overdrive nails or screws in plasterboard or use cracked sheets.
Fix vapour control layer or plasterboard to wet studs, i.e. over 20% moisture content.
Create cold spots by omitting insulation.


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