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Site Safe Strategy

Site Safe is the industry leading initiative that allows the construction community to reap all the  of timber frame construction in any urban location while mitigating the risk of arson during construction.

The Site Safe Strategy forms many component parts that together form a comprehensive set of Guidelines that are reliant on the collaborative working of the entire construction supply chain to reduce the risk of fire on timber frame construction sites. The initiative is a mandatory requirement of membership.

The UKTFA improved and revised the Guidance in December 2012. The key benefit of Version 2 of the Guidance is the greater flexibility it gives the designer, and ultimately the client, to specify a much broader range of solutions to achieve fire safety during construction. Version 2 takes into account the experience of application and increased knowledge of solutions to address each unique project.  This Guidance affords the designer a route to a much broader scope of alternative products and assemblies that have been tested to achieve the appropriate flame spread resistance while the building is under construction.

How does Site Safe work?

Site Safe is formed in three parts:

  1.  Design Phase – RIBA plan of works A – E
  2. Project Construction/Procurement Phase – RIBA plan of works F – H
  3. On Site Phase – RIBA plan of works J – K


How does Site Safe work?

Site Safe ensures UKTFA manufacturing member companies, that are working on large projects give clear concise information and assistance to the principal contractor regarding fire safety on construction sites.

Site Safe ensures all contractors involved in timber frame sites are fully briefed on identifying fire risks during the construction phase. While the responsibility for addressing the fire risk lies with the principal contractor, Site Safe provides a framework through which any risk can be consistently communicated so that appropriate action can be taken.

Who Should use Site Safe?

The Site Safe Strategy is written with a focus on timber frame buildings that are typically above 600m2 of floor area, or where the development comprises blocks of timber frame buildings where each block is greater than 300m2 of floor area.

Site Safe Guidance is aimed at the commercial construction market where multiple houses, flats or rooms for residential purposes are built. It is not applicable to the one-off house market or small developments.

It is anticipated that architects, CDM (Construction Design Management) co-ordinators, project managers, timber frame companies, builders, HSE inspectors, insurance inspectors and product suppliers will all find Site Safe of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions will be answered by watching the video. Alternatively download  

Supporting Documents

There are a number of published supporting documents available to download:


UKTFA Products & Systems

There are a number of approved and tested systems available to support Site Safe, to download a complete list  


All UKTFA documents are available for download by clicking the links below

Risk Assessment Checklist
(T) UKTFA Risk Assessment Checklist APPROVED.pdf

1.8 MiB
Separating Distance Guidance
UKTFA FSG2 Dec 2012 Sep Dist Design Guide.pdf

4.7 MiB
Site Safe Registration/Compliant
(J) SiteSafe Registration.pdf

94.1 KiB
Guidance notes on wireless fire alarms
(Z) UKTFA Technical Document Wireless fire alarms.pdf

1.3 MiB
16 Steps Guidance
(L) UKTFA 16 Steps Report NEW MARCH 2011.pdf

2.7 MiB
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