Cost Efficiency

We are all aware of the incessant need to use sustainable products inline with the Government’s drive to make all homes zero carbon by 2016. However, costs are becoming a significant issue in terms of not only ‘greening’ existing housing stock but creating homes which achieve higher Code levels and are future proofed as a result.

We recently publicised our ‘Comfort & Cost’ report which was created in association with ‘Wood for Good’. This report outlines a barrage of technical benefits in choosing timber over masonry when aiming for Code compliance.


Importantly, this report measures the costs of compliance, comparing timber frame with more traditional construction methods. The higher the Code level attempted the more it will cost; that’s obvious, but what’s not obvious is that the percentage uplift in cost for each Code level will always be higher for masonry buildings than with timber frame buildings. To uplift from the current building standard to Code level 5 will cost 8-24% more in timber, but 10-30% in masonry; a not inconsiderable amount when multiplied by tens of thousands of new buildings. Think Fabric First.

Find out how using timber frame as the core fabric of a building can help you not only achieve higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes but a whole host of other benefits by click onto out Fabric First Microsite here.

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